September thrills... September 18 2012

A new school year is in full effect.  The weather is getting a bit cooler and the night is creeping in a little earlier.  Fall is about to hit in a big way.  Almost time to layer up and strut your stuff.  It's pretty great so far.  Here's some stuff that has caught my attention thus far...


AskMen x Publish Brand.

A mix I've had on rotation.

Edvard Munch's "The Scream (1895)."

Soon to be on display at the MoMA.

Apple's iPhone 5.

That new new.  Not out until this Friday and the crowd is already going wild.

Soy Sauce?

Giving some shine to something we don't even notice anymore.

Fall trips for 2012.

As suggested by National Geographic (I love them).

Nike's 2012 Fall Flyknit HTM collection.

WANT.  Like, a lot.  And these flicks from EDWIN HIMSELF are slick.

DJ Neil Armstrong x Frank Ocean.

This remix is real deal Holyfield.

Staple's Fall/Winter 2012.

Attention to detail from friends we trust.



By hiimjoel.